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I See My Light, a contemporary novel, is now available on Amazon.

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Murph calls it bridge-jump and the sum of his life’s experiences has led him to it. Newly retired and quite alone, all he wants is to spend his eternity with the people he most loves and dearly misses. But then he realizes if he takes the jump he can’t go up there since suicides don’t gain entry. What’s a man to do?

Thirty-two years ago, Carla didn’t show up for their last meeting. She wonders about Murph but would never reach out to him, not even now when she’s solo. Still as adventurous as ever, what’s an aging widow to do?

Does Murph take the bridge-jump or do the same desperation and curiosity that once brought them together cause them to reunite? Follow Murph and Carla through Murph’s offbeat mind in I See My Light, a sometimes dark and jaded, often funny but always realistic contemporary novel.


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