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jackassTheir debate lasted for three hours. It was held on a “friendly” network, one where they were assured not to get any questions that were really tough or which would highlight any of the accomplishments the president they hate so much has achieved.


They purposefully dis-included certain of their candidates, one of which, at least, has views which do not fit in with theirs. The dis-included candidates might have challenged them even though the moderators didn’t and wouldn’t.

Why did they dis-include them?

In their other debates so far, and in this one too, there was at least one moderator who was so politically biased that they could not even pretend to be an honest “reporter.” These people were as biased toward the left as Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh are said to be toward the right.


Why would they, those Despicable Democrat presidential candidates, allow this? Why would they want such a biased forum? Or, why would they not want an unbiased forum which would present the American people with all sides of the issues and the opposing positions to their policies?

What are they afraid of? Why are they so afraid to have their positions directly pitted against the opposing positions on the same issues?

Who are their fact checkers?

Why is there no mention of fact checkers?

Why is there no real accounting for what those ten candidates are saying?


Was this a debate? Or was debate a misnomer for what this event was? If it was simply a Democrat forum like a round table, why wasn’t it called that? That would’ve been okay.

This event was clearly not for the American people, as they so desperately want the populace to believe. It was only for their voting base.

Why would they pretend?

They say they speak for the American people. What is their basis for such a statement? Where are the fact checkers for this statement?

Who do they actually speak for? Who do they actually represent? How much of the voting public is still undecided?

Do they, these Despicable Democrat candidates, in their fake-debate forum sponsored and run by their biased mainstream media network, part of Pravda USA, understand any of the implications of what they’re saying? Would any one of them have to live in accordance with the policies they would implement if they were elected?

Medicare for all: will they still have their Cadillac-of-Cadillacs Senate and Congressional healthcare plans?

Will they still get a full pension and their Congressional benefits after serving just one term?

Confiscation of guns: will their bodyguards have guns? Can they still have guns?

Climate change: can they still fly? fly in private planes? live in the mansions they live in (like Al Gore and now their ever-so-endeared guru, Barack Obama) with carbon footprints greater than their entire communities and/or towns each month?

Well their meat intake be rationed? Will they eat that inner tree bark they say we must begin learning to eat?

These are but a few questions, but a few wonderings based upon what they presented to us last week.

How many of them, these ten Despicable Democrat candidates, actually believe even some of what they’re saying?

Are they really willing to destroy this country simply for their hatred of Donald Trump?

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bass ackwardsThere is nothing they can do! More precisely, there is nothing they can do about all the shootings by enacting more Federal regulations or State regulations. As usual, and almost as always these days, the government is bass ackwards and looking in all the wrong places.

One more time: the government is bass ackwards and looking in all the wrong places.

First, in general and overall, for the most part legal gun owners and legal gun carriers don’t commit gun crimes. They are ever-conscious and ever-concerned about maintaining their permits (to own and carry), which in most places are not easy to obtain in the first place.

Second, most of the people referred to in the paragraph above are trained in regard to their guns and how to use them, store them, keep them safe from children, etc. The training courses needed to get permits to own and/or carry a gun also go over the basics of gun laws, so…

That said, one of those old sayings: guns don’t kill people, people kill people. Guns don’t kill people. People kill people.

And it is here that the government is all wrong, is looking in all the wrong places for the causes of all “the shootings” and how to prevent them.

No regulation is going to prevent a criminal from obtaining a gun if s/he wants one or from committing a crime with that gun.

Most gun crimes are committed by criminals who do not have permits to be having the guns they use in the committing of a crime. Not all, most. One doesn’t have to look any further than at the crime rates in the inner cities, and all the shootings therein, to see that the vast majority of them are committed by people who don’t have permits.

So more regulation, quite frankly, is bass ackwards.

And that raises several questions.

First, what is all the regulation about? What is the intent behind the regulation?

Second, are our (overwhelmingly liberal, Despicable Democrat) leaders oblivious to all the studies about the actual facts of who commits gun crimes and mass shootings?

[Just as an aside, these same overwhelmingly liberal, Despicable Democrat leaders, some of them aspiring presidential hopefuls, should be asked the same questions about the climate change issue, the energy issue, and a lot of other issues. They should be asked and challenged about the facts behind their idiotic policy and regulation proposals.]

Third, are they really so blind? Do they not see that certain things don’t work? That heaping more regulation onto policies that are already proven not to work meets the definition of insanity? You know, the one that says doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results, that definition of insanity.

It would be truly wonderful if they, our Despicable Democrat overwhelmingly power-hungry leaders and presidential hopefuls, were simply misguided and/or ignorant of the facts. Then they would be teachable, and even better, then we might even believe they were well-meaning, even actually concerned about the populace and the country.

But alas, they are not misguided, ignorant of the facts, blind or crazy. No! Much worse than any of that, they are cunning, sly and arrogant. On top of being cunning, sly and arrogant, they are selfish, greedy, narcissistic and power-crazy.

So the answer to the question about regulation (above) is simple. They don’t give a rat’s ass about us, about you or me or America, the environment, the planet or even the illegal immigrants they so vehemently pretend to support and defend.

They see clearly the effects of what they are proposing — that push to socialism — and they understand that it will catapult them and their families and their families’ offspring to the “gated city,” to the upper, upper class, forever and ever.

The hell with everything else, they say among themselves, laughingly to be sure.

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An Inconvenient Truth: Liberal Climate Inquisition Can’t Explain Past Temperature Changes


link to original printing of story here

In the week prior to the administration signing what should constitute an   international climate treaty,   one think tank, the Competitive Enterprise Institute, was   subpoenaed     for casting doubt on the agreement’s associated science of climate catastrophe.

As disturbing   as such thuggery   from   state attorneys general     would be in any case, the premise of the subpoena is faulty. The Competitive Enterprise Institute did not cast doubt on the dubious climate science. The actual data cast the doubt. The think tank and others have simply pointed out what the data show.

It looks like thoughtcrime has now moved from George Orwell’s novel “1984” to the twisted reality of our judicial system. Pointing out facts should never be a real crime.

The Heritage Foundation’s new Paris-bubble-popping   science summary     is also a case of letting the numbers tell a story. A story many never hear in the media-hyped spectacle that is international climate policy.



For instance, the chart above shows reconstructed average world temperature data for the past 500,000 years. Depending on the magnification and size of your monitor, each pencil dot would span something on the order of 1,000 years. The myriad 10-degree Celsius temperature flips all happened before man-made carbon dioxide could have had any impact—the final temperature spike started at the end of the last ice age.

Now see if you can follow this: The “science thought police” insist that even though none of the temperature variations for the first 499,950 years had anything to do with human activity, virtually none of the temperature increases of the past 50 years had anything to do with nature. Got it?

A question some overzealous attorneys general might be asking right now is, “Where did this ‘denier’ data come from?” The answer is: the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s   National Climatic Data Center website     (to be very clear, it is part of the federal government).

If those who merely point to data that are inconsistent with an imminent climate crisis are thought criminals, how much more subpoena worthy would be those who actually created the data? This expands the thoughtcrime conspiracy to an entirely new set of perps.

Should the hyperventilating attorneys general subpoena the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in its entirety or just the researchers? If donors to think tanks are subpoenaed simply because the think tanks pointed to this data, should not the U.S. Treasury be subpoenaed for actually funding these doubt-creating data?

In any event, it seems disingenuous to wave off huge past temperature changes as entirely natural while branding as science-denying fraudsters those who assert that natural forces are likely still to be playing a significant role. This is a problem for the U.N. Climate Agreement and its signers.

If natural forces have played a significant role in the moderate and unsteady temperature increases of the past 60 years, then what’s the climate hysteria about? If there is no need for hysteria, there is no need for the Paris climate agreement.

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By Peter Weiss

quill-pen-300x300One has to wonder. One has to take a good look, really take a step back, take a deep breath and take a good look at America and what’s going on in America. We have to take a look at what America is and what America is going to be.

That, in a nutshell, is the responsibility of every American, especially the voting Americans. But more important, it is the responsibility of our leaders, new and old, left and right.

When it comes to voting, each American citizen who votes should vote according to their beliefs and their personal interests, whatever they are. This is the essence of being an American, of being in America. No one should stop or discourage anyone from doing so, no matter what their personal beliefs and best interests are.

When it comes to voting, anyone who is legally eligible to vote should vote. Anyone in this category who doesn’t vote, shame on them except if there is reason or cause for their not voting. Similarly, anyone who votes illegally, for whatever reason, shame on you for defrauding the American people, the American government and the American taxpayers.

When you look at it honestly, there’s lots of shame to go around. The trouble is that most of us who should feel shame and be ashamed of what they do don’t and they don’t think twice about their actions in any other contexts other than their personal self-interests and misguided senses of self-importance.

Man is by nature selfish and greedy and lives according to the theory of evolution, or the survival of the fittest. Since great wealth is the new “fittest,” maybe this is why all the greed and selfishness. Maybe it’s just our inherent nature.

We’re living in an illusion in America now. What you’re seeing and hearing day in and day out is not what is happening in America. WYSIWYG not. It is a scripted text that the Despicable Democrats, aided and abetted by much of the mainstream media/social media Consortium, Pravda USA, a big part of it owned by individual Trump-hating billionaires, would have you believe.

This is what needs to be looked at.

One more time, this is what needs to be looked at, for it is the greatest internal danger to America.

Since all the Democratic candidates are millionaires except for Julian Castro, Tulsi Gabbard, Tim Ryan and Pete Buttigieg, or since any one of the ones who have any chance of actually becoming the nominee are millionaires (actually multi-millionaires) why are they so eager to bash, even destroy, the very system that has provided the means for them to be so wealthy?

The answer is simple and obvious. They see the structure of all the socialist countries and know that due to their wealth and economic status they will automatically be catapulted into and belong to the wealthy class. So they, in effect, know how they will fare in the socialist system they are pushing. Their lives will not change much. In fact, they’ll be bettered.

Same for their uber-rich Hollywood shills.

They see all this, the Despicable Democrat candidates do, and they know what will happen. They know they will be safe and on top.

They see what will happen to the rest of us too. There’s plenty of examples. So why are they pushing socialism and class warfare?

Simply put, why are they spinning a yarn and promising things that are not at all as  portrayed?

Why are they pushing things that are clearly unsustainable and which will destroy the very core of America, if not America itself?

It’s all very simple.

They know where they will end up and they want to stay there because they’re there now. They also know where we will end up, and they are happy with this.

And so they persist.

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Image result for walmart imagesHi. I’m just one of those Walmart shoppers. I’m 70 and my wife, also a Walmart shopper, is a touch older than me. We are retired and live on a fixed income. That income consists of a modest pension and modest Social Security. We worked all our lives for this modest income in retirement, just so you know. We were never on welfare of any kind and I only collected unemployment benefits one time for a six-month period even though I could’ve used them at other times too. We pay taxes on our modest, fixed income, state and federal.

So that’s us in a nutshell except that we have a child with special needs who requires full-time attention.

I’m writing this because the other morning I went to Walmart and I wanted you to know about us Walmart shoppers. The light switch in our dining room broke and we needed a new light switch, the thing in the wall that turns the light on and off. On our modest income, reduced due to the taxes we pay, we can’t afford $150 for an electrician (or maybe more) and so even though I’d never changed a light switch before, I did it this time with my wife’s help.

At Walmart, the switch cost $2.94 and with sales tax, the total was a bit over $3.00. It took us two hours and a little aggravation (because I’m not really adept with my hands), but we got it done.

Personally, I was afraid of the electricity the whole time even though we switched off the circuit breaker. I would’ve much preferred to call an electrician, but being on a fixed income and of modest means, saving the hundred fifty dollars to better use it on food, or oil, or the electric bill, or things needed by our child, seemed much more important.

I am writing this is because I wanted you to know that you and your party no longer represent people like my wife and me. In fact, even though you so arrogantly claim that you represent “the American People,” my wife and I seriously doubt that claim. We believe, instead, that you have lost the support of the everyday, ordinary people like us, the people who are the American People. Furthermore, we believe that each and every day now you continue to lose the support of more and more of us. This is because as a group and as a “party” you are arrogant. Worse, you are misguided, directionless, and blinded by your arrogant belief that you actually speak for us.

So just a few more things for you to know.

First, my wife and I are independents for the most part. We are not and never were one-party-all-the-way people.

Second, our heritage and what demographics we fit into would probably surprise you. But I will say that we are Jewish, that my father, Big Red One in WWII, spent three and a half years in a Nazi POW camp, Stalag IIIB Furstenberg, to be specific, and we find your party’s support of Talib and Omar reprehensible. We also find that your Nazi-comparison rhetoric toward your political opposition is worse than disgusting. You, as individuals and as a party, should be ashamed of yourselves for what you’re saying in this regard.

Third, we live in one of those sanctuary states, as it were, the one represented by Elizabeth Warren, whom we would never vote for in any election. In the last several years, due to the great influx of illegal aliens here, my child was kicked off the free school-lunch direct certification program and the requirements for free lunch were changed such that my child is no longer eligible for school lunch.

In effect, then, my wife and I, from our modest fixed income must not only pay for our child’s lunch, again a child with multiple special needs, but we must pay for the lunches of children who would not be here in the first place if you had done your jobs in Congress all along. The free-lunch rolls have more than doubled in the last two years. How did you let this happen? Why must our child now be denied and yet we still have to pay for those who’ve only gotten here by your dereliction of duty and negligence?

Last, and worst of all, the services our child with special needs requires simply to negotiate a normal day have been cut. Here too the rolls of children with special needs have mushroomed far more than the birth-rate percentage statistics suggest they should have. Our taxes have gone up, more money was allocated, but with the great influx of children you allowed here by neglecting your duties in Congress, the net services per child have dramatically decreased. This is unconscionable, and you are directly responsible.

I suppose that since most of you are multi-millionaires these dramatic effects upon the people of modest means who have to shop at Walmart mean very little to you personally. And that is why, dear people, I am writing this, to remind you of who we Walmart people are and how so many of us feel that you are not only misguided and have lost your way, but that you no longer represent our interests and thus have also lost our votes.

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Image result for narcissismSome of us think the world revolves around us, that we are the centers of the universe. More and more, if you listen to the uber-liberals in all fields, we’re being taught this preposterous notion.


In reality, in the scope of things, each and every one of us is but a minuscule part of the bigger whole. Sad, but true, and even more especially sad for those of us who think they’re “all that.” Bill Maher comes to mind.

So when I wrote my first paper in my first advanced class (past the Masters) in my doctoral program, I made the mistake of using the first person (I) several times. Well, the teacher was furious — he was a professor — and while he didn’t say anything directly to me, he said something to my dissertation adviser because he gave me a quick talking-to about how no one cares what I think about anything until I have those letters after my name.

He was really re-affirming something I already knew, something I’d been taught many years ago – that in the scope of things we’re all small potatoes, virtually almost little nothings, each of us occupying space, using oxygen and just passing through the whole of what this universe is.

About that, by the way, about the universe, for all our advanced knowledge, we really know very little (although, again, some of us think they really know a lot). By that, I mean to say that we don’t have any real idea of what happens after we die other than what happens in the decomposition of the body. The soul thing, the spirit, mind-body, all that’s “out there” in the sense that no one really knows. It becomes a “what-you-believe,” and one of the great things about being born in America is that you’re free to believe as you wish.

Personally, I believe in God and in the Old Testament notion of heaven and hell. My faith has wandered, vacillated, been submerged from time to time, but it’s there, has survived, is stronger than I give it credit for. Not that it matters much, but I’m looking forward to one day — and God please, not too soon – going up there to be with my parents, my family, especially my one aunt, my mother’s sister, Hello Georgewood, whom I regret not getting to know.


This idea that’s currently fashionable that it’s all about us is not well-conceived. It’s not well thought out, it’s not based in any sort of empirical fact. It is, in essence, designed to fulfill another currently fashionable but poorly conceived notion, that of immediate gratification, that our every whim/thought/desire is meant to be immediately and instantaneously fulfilled.

More hogwash!

Like with almost everything, such notions of self-centered self-importance and the accompanying inherent right to immediate self-gratification — everything and everyone else be damned — have consequences, some of them unintended consequences which can often happen but which occur more frequently when ideas/notions/advocated value positions are presented off-the-cuff, without much thought and supported by that narcissistic notion that we are the center of the universe.

Witness AOC. Witness Beto O’Rourke, Elizabeth Warren (the Native American) and Cory Booker. Witness Bill Maher, mentioned twice here now, who so confidently denies God (thereby proclaiming himself a god) and who sits upon a personal wealth of $100 million hoping the nation is thrust into depression to fulfill his personal political desire to see Donald Trump defeated in 2020.

See the point?

This sense of the universe centering around us, especially when enjoined to the denial of God or some greater power out there, leads to ideas like “hurt the many to satisfy my desire,” “re-create segregation because I personally am afraid of white people,” or “we’re all going to die in twelve years if we don’t adopt the Green New Deal.

And so it goes.

I could call myself Dr. I have the letters and lots more letters too. But I prefer to think of myself as someone cognizant of the fact that when it’s all over for me, I will only have meant something, and that’s if I’m lucky, to the people who knew me. A little and minuscule part of the whole.

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Image result for despicable democratsInterestingly, I think there are several prominent people who really do care (about you, about me, about us). One of them is AOC, Ocasio-Cortez, believe it or not. I don’t agree with most of her politics and I don’t like a lot of the ways she goes about things — what she says and more. But I think she’s sincere and I think she cares.

Unfortunately, she’s young, naïve and not well-informed, so in my book she gets an A- for sincerity and caring and much lower grades for content and substance. As regards behavior, she surely gets a D there.

Many of you might stop reading when I write the next few lines, but so be it. I also think President Trump cares. I think he cares about the country, about our economy and our standing in the world, and I think he cares about the American citizens. I agree with some of his politics and I think, looking at the big picture in the world, he’s got a realistic view of the direction America should be moving in and is trying to steer us in that direction.

That said, quickly, I think Bernie Sanders is all wet totally, but I think he cares. After him, no matter what they say, there’s not another prominent lefty I trust in the slightest or that I think is sincere or honest. As far as I’m concerned, the last sensible Democrat was Joe Lieberman and he was smart enough to retire.

I don’t have much more faith in the Republicans. In fact, the longer I’m alive and the more I see, I don’t have much faith in humankind at all. Our political class, the American Politburo, as a whole, is no better than the old Russian Politburo of the cold war, and America would do itself a big favor if it made term limits  mandatory all around. It’s clear that when we’ve come to what we’ve come to in this country, in politics and in the divide in our society, we need to throw the circuit breaker and shut things off for a bit. No better way to start doing this than by putting in term limits.

And so it goes.

Especially here and especially now I prefer not to get hung up on the who’s-to-blame game. The Despicable Democrats, aided and abetted by Pravda USA, the mainstream media and social media who are nothing more than shills for the Despicable Dems, would have you believe it is Trump, would have you believe Trump is every “ist” in the book known to people-kind. Along with their Hollywood friends (all multi-millionaires so fashionably fond of trashing the very capitalist system that made them multi-millionaires) they tell us over and over again, and over and over again and again, every day day after day that it’s Trump who’s dividing us.

I think they doth protest too much.

I think it’s way too easy to simply write it off that way.

The divisions we’re seeing in American now, probably much more overblown and over-dramatized by the media than they actually are down in the trenches where most of us live, surely pre-date Donald Trump as a presidential candidate and then as a president.

Following the money would be a good idea here. Checking out who’s been doing what since when, checking out who actually benefits from the divides in our country, who benefits from keeping the divides prominent and in the everyday narrative — that would be a good way to start to see what’s fact and what isn’t, what’s historically true and why. It might also offer some insight as to how badly the American people are being hoodwinked, conned and lied to.

My sense is that a real, no-holds-barred, eyes-open examination of what’s going on these days would surprise a lot of people. When you start to look at people like Al Sharpton, who he is, who he was and what he’s done, and then consider that he’s a major powerful judge of President Trump, well, that in itself speaks volumes.


You think they, the Despicable Dems, really care? Huh! What they do care about is power, getting it and keeping it. On that, they are all in, and they see their road to power as the road of demonizing anyone/everyone who does not agree with them. And so they keep an underclass which continually votes Democratic and which they can ever-use to accomplish their demonizing.

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