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Round about 1975 I wrote a short story called Illusions, Abstractions and Charades. I resurrected it not too long ago and though I haven’t started work on it yet, the Senate Committee report the other day reminded me of the story’s title. We are living in an age of illusions, abstractions and charades. We are living in a dangerous time, a time made more dangerous not by the real threats out there, but by the self-interests of our leaders, by their greed and insatiable desire for power.

Let me let President Trump off the hook here. I honestly believe he personally is only interested in actually bettering America. I believe he means what his slogans say. You might disagree with him and his ways, and you might disagree with his policies, but I credit him with that honesty and sincerity.

And let me be clear here too. I do not feel the same way about Obama. I believe he had disdain for America, if not outright contempt. I believe he had an agenda designed to destroy the America he disliked and worked tirelessly to achieve that agenda. If asked for proof, I would assert that his ties to organizations funded by George Soros, and his surrounding himself with people tied to Soros’ secret web of funding, clearly show a desire to de-stabilize and de-power America.

Obama, more than any modern president, veiled himself and his administration in illusions, abstractions and charades all the while claiming he was the most transparent president ever. He got away with his malarkey because the liberal press refused to call him out on it. He got away with it because he was allowed to and he was allowed to because of his color. Yes! I said it. Obama mostly went unchallenged for two reasons. First,  he suited the leftist ideology and furthered their unbridled quest for absolute power over this country. Second was his color and the fear of being labeled a racist if you challenged him.

Will I be called a racist for writing this? It’s a good bet.

Now as for most of  the other politicians, regardless of their political party and their personal beliefs, they are part of that swamp, the actual swamp monsters, more diabolical than real monsters because they are smart enough and deceptive enough to pretend that they really care about you and America. In reality, they are only scamming us, creating the illusions, abstractions and charades under which we are living.

But it’s not only the politicians anymore. Like it or not, the media is dishonest and biased. They advance and perpetuate a false narrative of what is actually going on in this country and the world. They create straw enemies in order to hide the real threats out there. Many of the media outlets are now owned and influenced by  pro-left, anti-Trump interests and operate under the same veil of illusions, abstractions and charades as do the majority of our politicians.

So let’s call out some of the major political illusions, abstractions and charades. First and foremost is Obamacare. It was not designed to provide medical coverage for those who were needy. It was designed to infuse government control into every aspect of our daily lives and to redistribute the wealth in America. Second is this leftist narrative of desire for equality. They would have you believe they care about the poor, the minorities, the downtrodden and their causes like women’s rights, gay rights, etc. Equality of itself is an illusion they hold on to. The law already provides for equal rights. The politicians only use these narratives and issues to garner votes, to maintain power, to get reelection. Their feigned concern is smoke and mirrors, an integral part of their elaborate scheme of illusions, abstractions and charades.

Gun control, immigration and illegal aliens’ rights, climate change, the war on poverty, on and on…their illusions, abstractions and charades are designed to keep us from seeing what they’re really doing, which is enrich and empower themselves while keeping us divided and subservient so we don’t mount an effective campaign to oust them all.

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Soup Company: Chicken Stock, Beef Stock and Laughing Stock,We were the only remaining super power in the world in the late 1980s. Ronald Reagan did that, a Republican. Of course it wasn’t just him. It was economics as much as politics. The Soviet Union was going broke, yet another sign, even back then, that socialism didn’t work.

It’s thirty years later. We have let ourselves be surpassed economically by China and we have let Russia return to world power status. Really, how stupid are we? Like him or not, President Trump is right. The world is laughing at us. It should be. As a country, the United States is acting like an idiot. Our leaders say and do the stupidest stuff and then tell us how great they are. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

So let’s get a couple of things straight. The news and news media are no longer unbiased. A simple look at who owns what there and what their political leanings are demonstrates this. Any paper who hires twenty reporters to get dirt on President Trump clearly has an agenda.

Next, to listen to the Hollywood elite and believe those elites are looking out for anyone other than themselves is at best naive and more likely simply misguided. That’s putting it nicely. Those who know anything about socialism know it really sounds great on paper. But in reality there are only two classes: the rich (very few in number) and the poor (the vast majority who pay for everything and do all the work). Which ones are those Hollywood elites and what do they get from their positions? Easy for them to promote strict gun laws. They have armed bodyguards and live in gated communities. Easy for them to promote conservation and green energy since not only can they afford green energy, but they are exempt from their own preachings. It’s like Obamacare. Good for us, but not for Congress who snuck in their exemptions.

So we, the regular American people, are the laughing stock. Look at Al Gore’s carbon footprint. Look at DiCaprio’s. I’m really glad Geraldo’s family in Puerto Rico is okay, truly, but the regular people who don’t have that kind of support got decimated. Same hypocrisy. Did Whoopi leave yet? She’s worth about 80 million. She could afford to go. Why should we believe any of them? If we do, we’re worthy of being laughed at.

Capitalism and the United States pay for almost all the charitable and philanthropic work throughout the world. While we give, give, give, they laugh, laugh, laugh. Excuse me, but I haven’t heard the Clinton foundation doing anything for these latest disasters. You know, Obama and Clinton, those who would move us toward socialist ways: sixty million dollar book deal for Obama and more than 250K per speech to Wall Street, and Hillary’s book deal isn’t being disclosed, but she and Bill have earned 250 million in about ten years. Yeah, they were broke.

Iran deal? They’re laughing at us.

Paris Accord? UN? TPP? Obama’s trade deals? They’re laughing at us.

Our Congress? Schumer, Pelosi, Ryan, and McConnell, they’re all laughing stock. In fact, it would be funny if it weren’t funny. And we’re laughing stock because we keep them in power.

So look at The Hunger Games and Resident Evil. That’s where we’re going unless we take our heads out of the sand. The world is laughing at us, and we keep acting stupid. We let Hitler take all of Europe before acting. Haven’t we learned that appeasement doesn’t work? We let China surpass us and Russia come back. We let North Korea and Iran get nuclear weapons and funded Iran so it could fund Radical Islamic Terrorism. We are the laughing stock of the world and we are truly stupid.

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Barrel of MonkeysRemember the gorilla in Trading Places? Well that was Al Franken, the Senator from Minnesota who licked Obama’s shoes. Literally, that was him. He was the actual actor. In real life, he’s really no better than a gorilla. Feed him bananas and he’ll vote the way you want. As silly as he was in the movie, that’s how silly he is in Congress.

Do you know Master Politician Pelosi, of the self-praise stinks clan? Or teary-eyed Chucky? He’s from the weep-for-effect clan.

Yes, these are our leaders.

But this is not about them. Truly, they are despicable. They are unconscionable liars and they are hypocrites who are mostly immoral, self-serving beasts. Why they keep being elected is beyond any sensibility whatsoever.

But really this is not about them. This is about the elephants in the room.

I know. Maybe it’s a mixed metaphor. Maybe not. Turns out, though, as far as our leaders go, there’s not much difference. They’re all a barrel of monkeys.

This really is about the elephants. McConnell should be ashamed of his inability to rally his majority and pass repeal and replace. You know, fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me thrice, shame on us all and a pox on your house. Now it’s on to tax reform and smart money says Ryan and McConnell don’t perform here either.

Then there’s John McCain. It’s clear that his personal dislike of President Trump is more important than his responsibility to his job. Ditto with Lindsay Graham. Ditto for Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and on and on.

So the Senate’s approval rating, which was under ten percent, sits now at about fifteen percent. The Republican voters, according to a recent poll, aren’t angry at President Trump, but they are angry at Congress and they blame Congress for nothing having gotten done.

Here’s the overriding metaphor for our wonderful Republican representatives: sixty times they overwhelmingly voted to repeal and replace Obamacare when their vote was symbolic and meaningless because Obama was president and they didn’t have the votes to override his veto of any bill they would send. Then they punked out of doing what they were elected to do when they have the power to do it simply because of their own individual personal self-interests.

What a bunch of goons. What a bunch of loons.

So we come to the bottom line. Our government no longer serves the interests of the American people. The Republicans, like the Democrats, are all monkeys dancing for the bananas thrown at them by the big money interests. They adhere only to the tenets of Social Darwinism. Their only goal is reelection. They will say and do anything for that and spin their actions in the finest, prettiest jargon they can pay their publicists to write for them. Overall, they are filled with hubris and driven by greed and selfishness.

Even a broken clock is right twice a day. In Shakespeare (although the monkeys in education have deemed he no longer be read, minimizing and marginalizing one of the most astute recorders of human nature ever), wisdom and truth come from the clowns, the jesters and the blind. Not that President Trump is any of those, and whether you like him or not or agree with his policies or not, he is surely right that we must drain the swamp. Getting rid of the barrel of monkeys, in this case the elephants in the room would be a good start.

Term limits are certainly in order.

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twilight zone governmentThe way of the Democrats:  appeasement hence dis-empowerment, keep repeating the lies because the media will report them, corroborate them and the public will believe them since they are unchecked, and then indiscriminately call anyone who in anyway disagrees a racist. Call anyone who disagrees a racist.

In school, red was the shameful color. When a student had a wrong answer or was in any way scolded or reprimanded and something in writing was sent home to the parents, the teacher put it in red.

But then those bastions of educational sensibilities, you know who they are, the wildly liberal education leaders (check out the UFT/AFT/NEA leader-darlings and Hammond-Darlings), touted the notion that using red was not good because it made students feel bad, chastised them, made them feel guilty.

And so the wonderful psychologists chimed in, the same ones who now testify like gods in Child Protective Services (CPS) hearings and trials, whose testimony as experts is accepted as Prima facie evidence, corroborating what the liberal leaders touted,  that rather than call a spade a spade, we must not make anyone accountable for their errors because it is damaging to the psyche.

This pattern appears in CPS in the latter 1900s, around 1975, and in education in the 1990s. It is the pattern of using appeasement to deal with a problem or issue rather than working the problem or issue to find a real solution.

Now, getting near to 2020, we see clearly that it does not work, not in education, not with CPS and Child Welfare, not with Iran, North Korea, ISIS, the Chinese, the Russians… Need more be listed?

The Democrats have been using the technique of appeasement  for a long time now and, of course, calling its opposition racists. Hillary Clinton relied heavily upon it, as does that native-American (not) Elizabeth Warren, as does the teary-eyed Chucky boy and the master politician Pelosi. They make the most ridiculous statements and the most illogical arguments (sign it to see what’s in it) and the moment anyone disagrees or challenges them, s/he is a racist, a xenophobe or an Islamophobe.

And of course, now a deplorable.

We all know what happened in 2016, how badly the Democrats and their way of the Democrats led them. We all know now, with North Korea and Iran where the way of the Democrats has led us. We all know where the way of the Democrats, the way of appeasement hence dis-empowerment, has taken inner cities (under their control for about 60 years), education, social welfare and the immigration issue. Thirty-two genders, really? Boys in girls bathrooms, really? Doctors having to treat a patient by how they identify themselves on the day of treatment rather than upon the biological reality at the time, really? Criminal illegal aliens not being deported, running free within our sanctuary cities and not being held accountable for their crimes, having more rights and benefits than legal aliens, non-criminal illegal aliens and yes, bonafide, tax-paying citizens. Really?

This is the way of the Democrats.

This is the way of the Democrats and it is leading us into the very destruction of our free society which is supposedly based upon free elections. But the Democrats undermine with their way of the Democrats any real attempt to understand the amount of voter fraud or even identify who is actually voting. The very pillar of our society, as Hillary termed it, the peaceful transition of power, is under siege right at this very moment (and by her too, which is the pot calling the kettle black.)

Truly, most of our politicians on both sides are despicable and deplorable (Congress with an 8% approval rating at times and mocking the President with about a 40% approval rating—which is a good example of why) and they should be kept in line with term limits. They demonstrate what has been said here many times, that man is by nature selfish and greedy.

Of course the Democrats will object to the use of the word man rather than look at the actual statement, and this is the true sense of the problem.

broken governmentSomewhere in the neighborhood of seven thousand military personnel have been killed since 9/11 and the number of wounded is conservatively about thirty-three thousand. Some estimates are a lot higher. But the government-run VA is broken, its leaders corrupt, and the politicians capable of effecting change are inept and themselves more devoted to special interest groups than to the Vets. To think the VA can go on as it is and fix itself from within is insanity.

Even more insane is our having gone into Afghanistan. The Russians fought there for some nine years and we experienced the long, protracted Viet Nam war. Insanity to think we could have done better in Afghanistan.

Ditto education. Our education system is broken. We let special interest groups contribute vast sums of money to our legislators to maintain the status quo. In turn, we throw more and more money into a system that has continually shown it does not work as it is supposed to. Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results: insanity.

Our inner cities are broken. From one to the next to the next, they are crime-ridden, drug-infested and steeped in poverty. If one states the facts as they are, one is branded a racist. The same Democratic leadership has run these cities the same way for more than fifty years and it keeps getting elected. Insanity.

Social Security funding was supposed to be tucked away and left only to fund Social Security. Nevertheless our leaders have dipped into those dedicated funds repeatedly. Any wonder the system is going broke? Insanity. Even if we refund it, would it be reasonable to expect our leaders not to break it again? Have our leaders ever shown themselves to be fiscally responsible? If we believe they suddenly will become so now, aren’t we being insane?

There’s no limit to the insanity which abounds today. You have to sign it to see what’s in it was a new height in crazy. Hug a terrorist, however, seems to give it a run for the top position. Yes, that’s what we should do. We should offer the terrorists who are hell-bent upon destroying our way of life hugs, money, jobs and counseling. Insanity.

Dare we talk about the bathroom laws? the identity laws?  the medical laws? A doctor is now expected to treat a patient in accordance with the gender s/he identifies with on the day of treatment as opposed to the biological status. Beyond insanity, honestly. Apparently those self-identification rules are all good except on April fifteenth when one wants to identify him/herself as being poor to avoid paying taxes. They break down there, when it comes to paying taxes. Even if you identify as poor you still have to pay up.

Ditto HHS. Ditto CPS, IRS, Medicare, Medicaid and on and on. These days, even the FBI is broken.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions. One would like to think that the government really does want to take care of our veterans and that overall it has good intentions toward its citizens. But in today’s United States, that thought reflects a certain insanity. With the advent of career politicians and their overwhelming support of virtually unregulated super PACs and lobbyists, it is clear that our leaders’ goal is only reelection. Taking care of the country, even particular constituents, is merely a by-product, and more often lip service.

We are now locked into a government comprised of politicians whose only purpose is sustaining their position and maintaining their power. This is Social Darwinism (On Social Darwinism). And that has led us to insanity.

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my fathers eyesI generally stay away from using first person. It’s a tricky form overall. It very often leads to lies, certainly to overstatement, and it woos users of it into bragging and overestimating themselves. For example, we have that “master politician” Nancy Pelosi. Need I say more?

First person, if one isn’t the bragging type, can lead to self-flagellation or public apology, and that’s a tough one too.

In one of the high-level lit courses I took in graduate school, I remember once being told that writers were notorious liars. That seemed about right to me since that’s what they do for a living, or at least what fiction writers do anyway. I think our politicians do it these days too, and certainly our would-be journalists are busy at it as I write this. Too bad so many people believe their lies as truths, believe our politicians’ lies as truths too.

So here we are. I generally don’t talk about myself per se. As it is, most people don’t know too much about themselves anyway. They have their notions and ideas about themselves, but it’s difficult to get a full and clear perspective of oneself. I know for a fact that since I was about fifteen all I ever wanted to do was write. After that, things get cloudy.

I believe I’ve mostly been strongly opinionated. I believe when I was younger I thought I knew better than my father, but as I’ve grown older, I’m sure now I’m not sure and probably didn’t. I know I was much more liberal back when I was younger, and I was sure those Beatles’ songs were right, you know, Imagine and All You Need Is Love. I think I really would like to be in an Octopus’ Garden. (Yes, I know Imagine is John Lennon’s.)

I’m in my late sixties now and I see all these young, pretty people all over the place giving opinions and leading things as if they actually know what they’re talking about, as if they know what they’re doing. But here’s a little secret. They don’t! The young ones lack perspective and context and the liberals who empower them only do it for their own self-serving purposes. In part, that explains the current state of our inner cities, our education system, and our national debt.

So I look back at my father’s perspective. His parents were legal immigrants. He spoke three languages. He lived through The Depression. He fought in World War II and spent three and a half years as a POW in Nazi Germany, in Stalag III B Furstenberg. He was a working-class stiff who worked all his life, a Jimmy Hoffa Teamster when Labor Unions were relevant and not self-serving political animals. The Government did not give him a disability and denied that his rheumatic heart was related to his war/POW experience.

He had it pretty rough.

Compared to our lives today, he had it really rough. Still, he maintained certain beliefs. He believed in America, in right or wrong, my country. He believed in hard work and in education. He scoffed at stupidity. The idea of hugging and coddling an enemy that would kill you without hesitation was anathema to him. He believed one should work for what he gets; he didn’t believe in freebies. He believed in helping people who needed help but not in entertaining or supporting scammers. He did not believe in a welfare state. He believed in marriage between a man and a woman, in two genders, not thirty-two. He believed in God up until his war experiences, then I think he doubted but believed his children should be brought up with God, with Judaism, and with his and their heritage.

That’s not all his beliefs, but it’s a good sense of them. He warned that our liberal government was crazy, that it was ruining our country by destroying work ethic and supporting freeloaders. He feared that being soft on enemies would destroy us. He understood a budget and the consequences of not living within your means.

My father’s beliefs were simple and straightforward. Sometimes, more often now, I think we should revisit some of them and consider that from his and many people’s perspectives we’ve gone way astray and should head back to simpler, more concrete approaches to our modern times. All that liberal, intellectual, smarter-than-thou, I-know-better hogwash is just that, hogwash.

Dennis PragerSometimes you have to let your fingers do the walking. Maybe many people won’t get the reference to the Yellow Pages since it is a relatively older reference and perhaps obscure these days. I’m not sure if I’m even allowed to use the term Yellow Pages because who knows what the PC Police will do these days.

I came across this article by Dennis Prager and am posting the link so it can easily be viewed in full.

How The Mainstream Media Operates

The thrust of the article is that the Mainstream Media distorts the truth. Prager begins with a quote:

 “Our leading media” are characterized by “indefensibly corrupt manipulations of language repeated incessantly.” (Patrick Lawrence in The Nation, Aug. 9, 2017, on the media’s reporting of the alleged collusion between Donald Trump’s campaign and Russia)

Then he goes on:

“To understand America’s crises today, one must first understand what has happened to two institutions: the university and the news media. They do not regard their mission as educating and informing but indoctrinating…

“When it comes to straight news stories–say, an earthquake in Central America — the news media often do their job responsibly. But when a story has a left-wing interest, the media abandon straight news reporting and take on the role of advocates…”

Prager relates the story of what happened to him, personally, and uses his experience to present his four lessons:

 Lesson No. 1: When the mainstream media write or say that a conservative “suggested” something that sounds outrageous, it usually means the conservative never actually said it.

 Lesson No. 2: When used by the mainstream media, the words “divisive” or “contentious” simply mean “leftists disagree with.”

 Lesson No. 3: Contrary evidence is omitted.

 Lesson No. 4: Subjects are covered in line with left-wing ideology.

We hear about this all the time now. President Trump calls it fake news and only the die-hard left themselves believe that the mainstream media is not biased. Or they believe it is biased but since it is biased and distorted in their favor and in favor of their cause, it’s basically okay.

Prager shows how the mainstream media distort the truth, how they literally break the rules of responsible reporting and also break the fundamental rules of basic research.

Then he shows how once the mainstream media have presented something, even though it is not the truth and is demonstrated not to be the truth, they continue to quote what they have presented as if it is the truth, further distorting the reality, further confuscating the facts, further advancing a narrative that is simply not true.

Regarding his own case, what the media did to him, he says:

 “In summary, all mainstream media coverage of this one story was tainted, biased, often false and predicated solely on left-wing presumptions. Magnify what they did to me a thousand-fold and you will begin to understand media behavior over the last two generations, and especially behavior today, when hysteria and advocacy have completely replaced news reporting.”

A distorting and manipulating mainstream media whose goal is to “indoctrinate rather than educate,” as Prager says, is dangerous. It is anathema to notion of a free press that was created to be unbiased. Worse, it attacks the very foundations upon which America was established. Particularly and specifically these days, it attacks one of the underlying principal of our democracy which is the peaceful transition of power. 



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