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Human Trafficking 1

Ever wonder why nothing is done?  About the border? About illegal immigration?

Do you really believe that illegal aliens are entitled to be in America?

Do you really believe that illegal aliens are entitled to all the benefits that American citizens are entitled to? Entitled to all the programs that American citizens are entitled to? Are they entitled to vote? Hold public office?

Are they entitled to Social Security, the same Social Security that elderly American citizens have paid into all their lives? To free public housing? To food stamps? To the same medical care that American citizens avail themselves of after paying the premiums and after paying for Medicare all their lives? To get this for free without even being here legally? (Not talking about emergency care at an emergency room.)

Do you really subscribe to the notion the Democrats would have you believe that they really, really think that all people are equal and worthy? Do you really subscribe to the notion that the Democrats actually care about these people? About you? (If you remember, they turned down Trump’s DACA offer, a better offer than they proposed, simply because it came from Donald Trump.)

Said yesterday, from the movie: Well, pick your pill. “You take the blue   pill—the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red   pill—you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes. Remember: all I’m offering is the truth.”

Do you get skeptical about the border problem? About other things?

Think nothing is done because it’s about money? About those rich capitalists who just want that cheap labor?

Think it’s about power? About those Despicable Dems who would offer anything to the illegals so they will flood into this country and ultimately vote Democratic?

Well, these are all real questions, questions each of us have to answer for ourselves, questions most of us answer depending upon the pill we’ve taken according to the choice as stated above.

One thing we rarely hear mentioned is the abuse heaped upon the women and female children crossing the border. Studies show that about 30% of females are sexually assaulted in one form or another and 10% are raped. These are accepted estimates,  conservative ones. It is difficult to get complete statistics because most cases of rape and sexual abuse go unreported.

The President and Vice President are criticized for mis-reporting statistics, as is the Director of Homeland Security. Personally, I have issue with the fact that rather than looking at the problem of sexual abuse and trafficking of children, the argument is over correct statistics. Or, the argument becomes political rather than about the issue itself.

Fact of the matter is that human trafficking worldwide is a about a 150 billion dollar business, second or third in value of all criminal enterprises. The third in the top three is counterfeiting and its value is hard to assess accurately. First is drugs.

Possibly one of the big reasons we hear so little about what’s going on at the border and about this part of the problem is because of the dollar value involved.

Again, depending on which pill you’ve swallowed and then upon what you want to believe and how you view things,  you will draw your own conclusions.

One thing is for sure. There are certain big, big money criminal interests with deep, deep pockets that have a vested interest in not solving our border crisis. These interests are deep into the exploitation of human beings. They want the problem downplayed,  kept silent, swept aside.

And so it goes.

More to come about child trafficking particularly here in the United States. A new series will begin shortly.

bw 2nd 100 cover

Coming in a few weeks


By Peter Weiss


wysiwyg not

What they tell you you’re seeing is not what is. Or, WYSIWYG Not.

No, there’s no constitutional crisis.

No Trump is not medically or psychologically unfit for office.

No, Trump has not been more secretive or more obstructionist than other presidents.

No, Trump has not abused the constitution or his power.

No. What’s really going on and what they, the Despicable Dems and their mainstream media puppets, want you to believe is really going are two vastly different things.

No, that boy who stood his ground was not aggressive. He took no aggressive actions, made no forward steps toward anyone.

No, a MAGA hat is not a symbol of white supremacy.

And on and on, WYSIWYG Not.

The adage is that when you a point a finger at someone, three fingers are pointing back at you.

What it is.

No, a special prosecutor who stacks his team with all political opponents of the subject is not unbiased and fair-minded.

No, a special prosecutor who purposefully leaves his report such that the political opposition can continue to use it against a subject even though the report shows the subject did not do what accused of is not an apolitical report.

No, Comey is not a patriot.

No, the Steele dossier was not what it’s claimed to be.

No, Hillary did not tell the families of the people who died in Benghazi the truth.

No, Susan Rice was not telling the truth on TV when she talked about Benghazi being caused by a video.

No. She lied when she said it wasn’t organized terrorists.

No. The mainstream media is not unbiased.

No. Freedom of speech does not exist any longer on college campuses when they stop conservatives from speaking.

No. Kavanaugh was not presumed innocent   until proven guilty   by the Democrats .

No. The Democrats were not interested in more information to determine whether Kavanaugh was telling the truth.

No. They are not interested in more information regarding the Mueller report. (If they were, they’d read the less-redacted version, 99.9% un-redacted). None of the Democrats have read it.


No. We are not seeing what really is.

Oh, I know. Those of either side who have drunk that side’s Kool-Aid think the other side is all wet. Think the other side is all wrong. Think their side is moral and virtuous and the only side truly interested in the betterment and well-being of our country.

Well, pick your pill. “You take the blue   pill—the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red   pill—you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes. Remember: all I’m offering is the truth.”

Just be careful. One side is going around saying it speaks the will and wants of the American people and some other things to the effect that God is not political but if He were He wouldn’t be a Republican. That’s the side that endorses abortion even after the baby is born.


By Peter Weiss


There’s no such thing as equality. We talk about it as if there is, but really there isn’t.

Think about it. Everyone’s DNA is different. Everyone’s fingerprints are different and distinct. No two of us are exactly alike, not even identical twins although they are the closest.

These days, the Democrats talk about us as if we are all equal, meaning the same. These days what’s really going on is a sort of dysfluency, actually more like a distortion of our language, or, if you will, a twisting of it, a perversion of it.

Those trained in linguistics, law, politics, journalism, and other disciplines, use our language nowadays like con men. Of course politically correct would be con women, con people, con persons.

Or those Democrats, our illustrious majority party in the House of Representatives, aided and abetted by the bulk of the mainstream media, nowadays use our language to con us into believing things that really aren’t so. Oh, you might think so, you might even want to think so. But certain things just aren’t, period.

I taught in the Bronx, New York for about twenty-two years. For most of that time I taught at least one class per semester in forensics. I taught it in both high school and college. Needless to say, those classes were about language, how it can be used or abused. And of course they were about argument, debate, the first premise of which is looking fairly at all sides of a proposition.

These days, our language is being abused by the Democrats and their abuse is supported by the major part of the mainstream media. We hear all kinds of things we know are ridiculous, positively ridiculous, and we are asked to believe them on faith. We are told things we know don’t apply to the real world we live in and we are told they do apply, that we should simply take it on faith from those leading us that they really do apply.

Go back to Nancy Pelosi’s “you’ve got to sign it to see what’s in it.”


Go into a bank with a mortgage that you yourself have written for your own home and ask the bank officer to sign it so he can see what’s in it.

Need I say more?

Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats say a wall isn’t necessary and that they would tear down the walls. Look in front of Nancy Pelosi’s house. There’s a big, beautiful wall.

Will she tear down her wall? They don’t even want the President to send illegal immigrants to their communities in sanctuary cities.

So I used to take four high school students and put them in a group. I used to tell one that s/he worked really hard and earned a thousand dollars in salary but that everyone else in the group had not worked and had no money. So in that Obama-like, Democrat-supported sense of equality, that one student had to give each member of his group two-hundred fifty dollars.

Done. They were all equal.

A month goes by and that same student has earned another thousand dollars. But one member of the group spent all his/her money on drugs, another spent all his/her money on things for him/herself, and the third member sat home and watched TV laughing at the fool who trudged off to work.

Again that one hard-working member of the group had to make equality.

What do you think was the response?

The Democrats, aided and abetted by the bulk of the mainstream media want us to believe we’re all equal. In fact, we are all different.


The Democrats and the their mainstream media puppets purposefully obfuscate things. Equality and equality of opportunity are two different things.

Do you really believe, per those wonderful Dems, the world is going to end in twelve years?

By Peter Weiss

jackassThe first and major purpose of a government is to protect its citizens and to protect the rights of its citizens. This is stated in various ways and goes back to the Ancient Greeks who said that the purpose of government is to improve the lives of its citizens. Note the operative word: citizens. One more time, since that word is very clear: to protect the rights of its citizens. The operative word is citizens.

No. The United States is not a world government. No. The citizens of the United States are not world citizens. No the citizens of the United States do not have citizens’ rights in any other country unless they hold citizenship there too. Similarly, and consequently, citizens of other countries do not have citizens’ rights in the United States. They are not world citizens unless other countries want to accept that fact, and honestly there aren’t any yet.

So, how stupid is America?

The first sure sign of America’s stupidity is the game its citizens allow the government to play with its language and its confuscating of the definition of citizen.

No. Illegal aliens are not undocumented citizens. No. Although the government under the past president would have you think so, it is not wrong to call illegal aliens illegals. It is also not wrong to call them aliens. They are not immigrants if by immigrant one means a person who comes to establish permanent residence. Permanent residence implies legal status though not necessarily citizenship. So if an illegal alien in his or her heart wants to stay here permanently, the best he or she can become is a long-term undetected illegal alien. He or she would not be a citizen, can never become a citizen without moving through the proper channels to do so, and is only here by the fact that he or she remains undetected.

Illegal aliens are not entitled to the benefits of citizenship and should not be. They should not be allowed to vote. They should not get public housing, welfare, social security or food stamps. They should not be entitled to any form of public assistance.

So how stupid is America?

America affords all of the above to its illegal aliens. The shameless leaders, from the Congress down to local state and city governments, offer us all kinds of silly arguments to protect their ability to keep the flow of illegals coming into the United States. It is in their best interests, but it is not in our best interests. Most of our leaders these days are millionaires and being leaders they do not spend much of their own money. They and their children and families, for the most part, live in the gated cities, protected by bodyguards and private security, and sometimes by the Secret Service. Their world is not our world.

How stupid is America?

State and city governments won’t even turn over public voting records to the Justice Department. They are required to do so upon written notice but fail to comply. Why? What are they afraid of? Why, in America, the land of the free where anyone can walk into a DMV and get an official ID, is an ID not required to vote?

There are only several reasons for the stupidity  the American Citizens are allowing their governments, local, state and Federal, to perpetrate. One is indifference. A second is not wanting to rock the freebie boat. A third is ignorance. The condition of our education, by the way, is a reason unto its own for why we are so stupid.

America the stupid. Only in America can an illegal alien get a legal aid lawyer and sue the government for not protecting his/her rights. Only in America are American citizens and taxpayers forced to support those who have broken our law, do not legally belong here and are very often treated better than the hardworking citizens supporting them.

So, how stupid are we?

By Peter Weiss


We are the zombies now!

Resident Evil, all of them, The Walking Dead and countless others like them bombard our airwaves in what has now become a common setting of the wasteland filled with mindless entities trying to devour anything and everything alive. In most, what’s alive is a small ruling class, usually elite and always sinister in that its only real goal is for itself to survive and thrive. Don’t like zombies? Think of the Hunger Games    series of movies. Same deal.

Why?  Why these movies? Why have we moved away from the movies in which Dirty Harry eliminates an evil and society goes on? Or Charles Bronson in   Death Wish   movies? Or Denzell Washington or Will Smith saving civilization?

We’ve moved on to the zombies, the mindless masses, because we’ve become the mindless masses and they’ve become the elite rulers who do little else than attempt to maintain the illusion that they’ve got our backs, are on our side and are looking out for our best interests.

This idea that they’re looking out for us is the biggest piece of BS ever. They’ve dumbed down education purposefully so that we don’t have the wherewithal to actually see what they’re doing and call them out on it. If we do call them out on it, for whatever the particular it is, they persecute us, bully us, gather their forces like circling the wagons, and attack from within their rigged system of government agencies and courts.

The most common bullying tactic is to force the regular citizen to defend him/herself in court thus racking up enough in legal fees to either destroy his/her life and livelihood or force him/her to cease and desist.

Their preferred course, however, is labeling. If you do not agree with them about something/anything, you are an “ist.” That’s a racist, sexist, misogynist, or any other ist you can think of.

Ist calling is only meant for one thing: to suppress free speech. It is a bullying technique pure and simple.

We used to be cows in the pasture. That image seemed to suffice for the longest time. Cows in the pasture have a peacefulness about them. You get up, go to work, do your thing then go home and rest up for the next day. Life goes on day by day, year after year, and we trudge on. We got petted and were left alone in the pastures to be who we were. We only had to give the milk once a year on April 15th.

But they’ve killed the cows, plucked them like they were golden geese. They’ve stripped them of identity, of purpose, of knowledge, and now they are fleecing them of every bit of wealth they can steal from them. They’re turning us into mindless zombies who get their news in fifteen second sound bites on Facebook.

They kill the zombies every chance they get. Oh, not actual death because that would be considered too brutal. So they kill their spirit. Dumb them down, make them poor, this is the Democrat way, not the way of the current President, although of course that is what the corrupt and biased media feed us 24/7 and would have us believe.  They, those Despicable Dems, offer us free things they know in advance will be a disaster (why didn’t our Congressmen and Senators go on Obamacare?) And I think Trump is right. I think they sit in the lounging rooms of their plush Congressional buildings and laugh at us.

Yes, we are the zombies and they’re feeding us to ourselves.

By Peter Weiss

Barrel of MonkeysSo the monkeys are busy at work. We saw them at their best this morning, when they had that hearing that didn’t happen, which, like most of what they do, was far removed from what they’re supposed to be doing.

Monkeys indeed!

Actual monkeys, however, are much better animals. They’re honest. They don’t lie, deceive, play with words or deny what they’ve done. WYSIWYG. With actual monkeys what you see is what you’ve got.

The monkeys in the House are running rampant. They added a little condition to the Barr questioning after he’d volunteered and they’d agreed to have him appear. This was for political show, Kabuki Theater. So he didn’t appear, what they wanted in the first place.

So the monkeys have been acting like real monkeys again.

They were elected to serve the people. They were elected to govern the country. First and foremost, the responsibility of the government is to protect its citizens. That, ladies and gentlemen, historically is why people join together in governments.

People don’t elect people to spend their money indiscriminately. Or, they don’t elect people to limit their freedom or to stop them from living their lives.

Our representatives have stopped protecting us. They stopped doing it a long time ago when instead of serving the American people they started serving the almighty dollar. Of course, that’s not surprising. It’s not surprising since most of them are millionaires and many of them are lawyers, and millionaires and lawyers are known to spend other people’s money so as to save as much of their own as they can. They’re known to write laws to protect themselves, the people be damned!

Of course it is much more complicated than this but a few simple examples will serve the purpose. First, in a private household, when money runs out money and has to be borrowed, the money borrowed has to be paid back, of course with interest. The household can borrow more money up to the point where the bank realizes it’s no longer a safe risk to loan them money, at which point it calls in the debt.

Most sensible households live according to a budget. Money is allocated monthly and when it runs out the household stops spending. At the very worst, it borrows into the next month’s budget but decides how it’s going to cut the next month’s budget to cover the deficit.

Our monkeys, on the other hand, don’t live by any budget. They spend our money indiscriminately, blatantly lying to us all the while, and when they need more money they raise taxes. We have to pay them or we go to jail. Some people don’t, like Al Sharpton. One group of those monkeys has already said they’re going to raise taxes and will do away with the tax cuts we recently got.

A second example regards healthcare. If you remember, at the last minute and again in the dark of night, the monkeys of Congress voted themselves an exemption to Obamacare. If Obamacare was so great, the greatest thing they could have possibly done for any of us, why didn’t they keep it for themselves?

We could go on and on, example after example.

Today’s hearing was supposed to be about the Mueller Report. What it was, and not surprisingly, was a non-hearing precipitated by another attempt by the Despicable Dems to crucify the president simply because they don’t like him.

Yes the monkeys are at it again. Yes the monkeys who represent us really are worse than real monkeys.

Yes, maybe we’re the monkeys since we keep electing them.

By Peter Weiss

originally posted in October 2018. If you saw the House of Representatives on TV today, you know why it’s Kabuki Theater and you know how much stupid is going on in America. 

kabuki 1

Stupid is as stupid does—that’s what America has come to. It would be funny if it weren’t funny.

Not too long ago, in talking to someone who’s a recent college grad, it came out that they (gender pronoun purposely omitted to appease the PCP (political correctness police) did not know who Al Sharpton was or who Newt Gingrich was. It became apparent that when speaking about issues, this person was not firing on all thrusters. It became more apparent that if someone could go all the way in school through college and not know who these two people are, something is drastically wrong.

In all fairness, it might be possible to not know who Newt Gingrich is. But not to know who Al Sharpton is? That’s pretty incredible.

Not too long ago in another blog post it was mentioned that although America spends more money per student than any other country in the world we still only rank number 15 in the world in education. Of course we all know that money doesn’t mean everything. But America? Here too, apparently there’s something drastically wrong for us to be number 15 in the world in education.

We’ve done some other things that are actually pretty stunningly stupid. For example, we’ve fought the war on poverty since approximately 1965, or about 53 years, and spent approximately $23 trillion in real dollars on this war. Yet in all this time we’ve done virtually nothing to reduce the poverty rate in America. As well, we’ve done little to change the demographics of the poor.

Another thing we’ve done that’s incredibly stupid is go to Vietnam. The French fought there for almost 11 years and couldn’t do anything. What made us think we could do something?

Then of course there’s Afghanistan. Another stupidity on America’s part. The Russians fought there for about ten years. We should have known that we couldn’t do anything there, but stupid is as stupid does.

Shall we go on?

Many of the things America is doing now belies any sense of logic. For example, what kind of country can one have if one does not have borders, if one allows people to come into the country without being checked and then offers them medical care, welfare, drivers licenses and even the right to vote? In some places non-citizens can hold public office!

The first duty of the government, and the primary reason governments are formed is to protect its citizens. How is America protecting its citizens?

Stupid is as stupid does. Look at our politics. It’s almost hard to know where to look without seeing stupid.

Stupid is as stupid does. All through America, lots of stupid going on.

By Peter Weiss

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