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originally posted in February 2018

money-greedy1Selfishness-and-greed Truman

Man is by nature selfish and greedy. My first father-in-law used to say this when I was a kid, just in my early twenties. He also used to say that when the National Debt exceeds the Gross National Product the government will be bankrupt.

Well, the first part of what he said is so absolutely true that it is almost incontrovertible. But because I was an English teacher for more than thirty years and because I taught Forensics (Debate) for about eleven years and coached my high school debate team for that same amount of time, I won’t say it’s a fact. No matter how true it seems, it’s still an opinion. It was his opinion and it is my opinion, and the thing that frightens me most is that saying it is like pissing in the wind because no one wants to hear it and the words just seem to dissolve into nowhere.

The selfishness and greed is manifested by mostly everyone, but the rich and famous are the ones we see it in more regularly. So, for example, we rarely see those welfare, food stamps and Social Security recipients who the taxpayers are supporting as they drive around in their new Mercedes Benz automobiles which they can afford because they have no expenses and work off the books too. These people make more than many of us who support them and hide their money. They wear all brand name clothes and pay cash for everything so as not to leave a trail. Many of them register their cars in a relative’s name so as not have a trail there too.

Man is by nature selfish and greedy!

We see it in those beggars in the street too. Not all of them of course and that’s the problem. You can’t easily discern who the real needy are. If we could easily distinguish between the scammers and the needy, not only would we have plenty of money to help the needy, which everyone in America wants to do, but we could start trimming that National Debt which in and of itself is an obscenity.

But man is by nature selfish and greedy.

Now I know you’re not supposed to use the word man. I know there are some states where I could be arrested for using the wrong gender pronoun. Yes, arrested and either jailed or fined or both! (I also know that that is not a complete sentence.) It is precisely such ridiculousness in the hands of the selfish and greedy politicians that has brought us to the absurdity we see each and every day in America, the greatest country in existence today.

Rich and greedy? Start with the Clintons. They are the most obvious. Move along to the Whoopi Goldbergs and the other celebrities who said if Trump was elected they would leave the country. Why are they still here? They’re making lots and lots of money, not piddly money but real money to the tune of millions and millions, by selling their hatred and warped opinions while exemplifying perfectly the notion that man is by nature selfish and greedy. Move along to the Al Gores and DiCaprios, those epitomes of true conservation.

And on and on.

Nope. Man is by nature selfish and greedy. President Obama somehow increased our National Debt by ten trillion dollars in a mere eight years. For the life of me, I can’t see where the money went. Can you?  I only know that if we don’t wrestle the power from the selfish, greedy politicians and if we continue down the path we are on, our selfishness and greed will be our demise.

FYI: Interest on the National Debt for Fiscal Year 2017 was 277 billion dollars. That’s more than half the total Defense Budget was. What has our reckless spending gotten us? What is it costing us?

Man is by nature selfish and greedy.

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Barrel of MonkeysSo the monkeys are busy at work. We saw them at their best last week, on Friday, when they had that hearing, which, like most of what they do, was far removed from what they’re supposed to be doing.

Monkeys indeed!

Actual monkeys, however, are much better animals. They’re honest. They don’t lie, deceive, play with words or deny what they’ve done. WYSIWYG. With actual monkeys what you see is what you’ve got.

Over the weekend, the monkeys in the House added a little condition to the negotiations that were supposed to be taking place. This was breaking news late last night. Negotiations for keeping the government open et al. seem to have broken down. A new condition was added that has something to do with limiting ICE in doing its job. And, of course, there is still no real consideration for giving the president the wall by any name you want to call it.

So the monkeys have been acting like monkeys again.

They were elected to serve the people. They were elected to govern the country. First and foremost, the responsibility of the government is to protect its citizens. That, ladies and gentlemen, historically is why people join together in governments.

People don’t elect people to go on and spend their money indiscriminately. Or, they don’t elect people to limit their freedom or to stop them from living their lives.

Our representatives have stopped protecting us. They stopped doing it a long time ago when instead of serving the American people they started serving the almighty dollar. Of course, that’s not surprising. It’s not surprising since most of them are millionaires and many of them are lawyers, and millionaires and lawyers are known to spend other people’s money so as to save as much of their own as they can and to write laws to protect themselves, the people be damned!

Of course it is much more complicated than this but a few simple examples will serve the purpose. First, in a private household, when money runs out and money has to be borrowed, the  borrowed money  has to be paid back, with interest of course. The household can borrow more money up to the point where the bank realizes it’s no longer a safe risk to loan them money, at which point the bank calls in the debt.

Most sensible households live according to a budget. Money is allocated monthly and when it runs out the household stops spending. At the very worst, it borrows into the next month’s budget but decides how it’s going to cut the next month’s budget to cover the deficit.

Our monkeys, on the other hand, don’t live by any budget. They spend our money indiscriminately, blatantly lying to us all the while, and when they need more money they raise taxes. We have to pay them or we go to jail. (Some people don’t, like Al Sharpton.) The left-side group of those monkeys has already said it’s going to raise taxes and will do away with the tax cuts we recently got.

A second example regards healthcare. If you remember, at the last minute and again in the dark of night, they voted themselves, way back when, an exemption to Obamacare. If Obama care was so great, the greatest thing they could have possibly done for any of us, why didn’t they keep it for themselves?

We could go on and on, example after example.

Friday’s hearing was supposed to be about oversight on the Justice Department. What it was, and not surprisingly, was another attempt for the left-side monkeys to justify attempting to crucify a duly-elected president simply because they don’t like him.

Yes the monkeys are at it again. Yes the monkeys who represent us really are worse than real monkeys.

Yes, maybe we’re the monkeys since we keep electing them.

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originally posted in October 2017

Barrel of MonkeysRemember the gorilla in Trading Places? Well that was Al Franken, the Senator from Minnesota who licked Obama’s shoes. Literally, that was him. He was the actual actor. In real life, he’s really no better than a gorilla. Feed him bananas and he’ll vote the way you want. As silly as he was in the movie, that’s how silly he is in Congress.

Do you know Master Politician Pelosi, of the self-praise stinks clan? Or teary-eyed Chucky? He’s from the weep-for-effect clan.

Yes, these are our leaders.

But this is not about them. Truly, they are despicable. They are unconscionable liars and they are hypocrites who are mostly immoral, self-serving beasts. Why they keep being elected is beyond any sensibility whatsoever.

But really this is not about them. This is about the elephants in the room.

I know. Maybe it’s a mixed metaphor. Maybe not. Turns out, though, as far as our leaders go, there’s not much difference. They’re all a barrel of monkeys.

This really is about the elephants. McConnell should be ashamed of his inability to rally his majority and pass repeal and replace. You know, fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me thrice, shame on us all and a pox on your house. Now it’s on to tax reform and smart money says Ryan and McConnell don’t perform here either.

Then there’s John McCain. It’s clear that his personal dislike of President Trump is more important than his responsibility to his job. Ditto with Lindsay Graham. Ditto for Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and on and on.

So the Senate’s approval rating, which was under ten percent, sits now at about fifteen percent. The Republican voters, according to a recent poll, aren’t angry at President Trump, but they are angry at Congress and they blame Congress for nothing having gotten done.

Here’s the overriding metaphor for our wonderful Republican representatives: sixty times they overwhelmingly voted to repeal and replace Obamacare when their vote was symbolic and meaningless because Obama was president and they didn’t have the votes to override his veto of any bill they would send. Then they punked out of doing what they were elected to do when they had the power to do it simply because of their own individual personal self-interests.

What a bunch of goons. What a bunch of loons.

So we come to the bottom line. Our government no longer serves the interests of the American people. The Republicans, like the Democrats, are all monkeys dancing for the bananas thrown at them by the big money interests. They adhere only to the tenets of Social Darwinism. Their only goal is reelection. They will say and do anything for that and spin their actions in the finest, prettiest jargon they can pay their publicists to write for them. Overall, they are filled with hubris and driven by greed and selfishness.

Even a broken clock is right twice a day. In Shakespeare (although the monkeys in education have deemed he no longer be read, minimizing and marginalizing one of the most astute recorders of human nature ever), wisdom and truth come from the clowns, the jesters and the blind. Not that President Trump is any of those, and whether you like him or not or agree with his policies or not, he is surely right that we must drain the swamp. Getting rid of the barrel of monkeys, in this case the elephants in the room would be a good start.

Term limits are certainly in order.

Published works by Peter Weiss

media manipulationNo one questions that nicotine is a drug just as no one questions that heroin, cocaine and meth are. When you get down to it, sugar is a drug too. Once you get a taste for it you want more and more. It’s hard to withdraw from sugar as well.

We don’t generally think of hate as a drug, but these days in our world there is an awful lot of hate going around. Oh, we all know it’s probably been here all along, all this hate, but it’s mostly been concealed, certainly not fashionable to put it out on display.

That’s all changed. Turn on any of the major networks or the major cable media outlets. You’ll find their news people simply hate the president. It’s clear. It’s obvious. They even have 101 ways of explaining why it’s okay to do so because, as they’ll tell you, he’s the cause of all the evil we’ve ever seen in the world.

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

Chuck Schumer loves the words “the truth is.” The day before the State of the Union Address on the floor of the Senate he made a statement saying “The president will say predictably that the state of our Union is strong, but the truth is the state of the Trump economy is failing America’s middle class,” and “The state of the Trump administration is embroiled in chaos and incompetence.”

Honestly, he doesn’t know what the truth is anymore than we do. Clearly the economic facts belie what Schumer relates to as truth. Furthermore, Schumer has no idea whether or not Trump’s administration is embroiled in chaos and incompetence. That’s his opinion. Opinions are not facts and we all know the joke about opinions.

Schumer is nothing more than a politician. He’s spent just about his whole adult life in politics. He’s been in the US House of Representatives and/or the Senate since 1981.

Schumer may be qualified to talk about political circles but he has little business experience, little experience making a product and/or being responsible for creating paychecks for people whose livelihoods depend upon the success of the business in which they work. In politics, maybe sticking with who you’ve got even if they don’t do a good job is preferable because it creates the impression that things are under control. God forbid they should give an impression that things aren’t in control.

In business producing is important. Surely on the top levels if you can’t produce you don’t get to stay. Thus, it is certainly possible that the turnover Schumer calls chaos and incompetence is nothing more than an attempt to find people who can best produce. In business creating the best product for the lowest cost is the formula for success. Our politicians with their endless supply of our tax dollars know nothing about that.

One thing is clear. With the popularity of our Congress down in the teens, some 30 points lower than Trump’s popularity, Schumer has little room to criticize the current administration or any administration about anything.

So what do you do when you have no policies, when you have no answers, when you’re disliked and unpopular?

The answer is quite simple. Manufacture someone to hate. Create a foe, a scapegoat, an object of derision and ridicule  to attack repeatedly.

This is the hate drug, the number one Democrat tactic. If you have nothing to offer, offer someone to hate. Offer someone to hate, have the media broadcast your hate all over the place all of the time and sooner or later you’ve got a good portion of the public hooked on your hate drug. They’ll tune in every day for their daily fix.

Published works by Peter Weiss

originally posted in September 2018

jackassSo let me get this right: Congress has a slush fund that taxpayers fund to pay off the women they’ve sexually abused and we, the taxpayers, are supposed to trust them as they judge over Brett Kavanaugh?

It just gets worse and worse. Just when you think we’ve come to the bottom of how low the government can go, we look at what we’re looking at now. The insanity and hypocrisy being pushed in front of our eyes are absolutely, incredibly unbelievable.

Once again, I rarely talk about myself using the word I when I write opinion pieces. But I have to say I’ve been writing fiction for about 50 years. One of the first rules of fiction is that it has to be believable. So writers talk about how the real truth sometimes cannot be written into fiction because when you see it in words in a piece of fiction, it becomes absolutely unbelievable.

The example I generally use is about the man who’s committing adultery (it doesn’t necessarily have to be a man) and goes into the very depths of a distant borough in NYC to meet his girlfriend at a restaurant for a dinner out. When I talk about this I generally use the borough of Staten Island because that one is pretty far out of the way for many people.

On the particular evening  they are having dinner, the man’s wife meets up with her sister who has a friend that lives in Staten Island. The sister has plans to go and meet her friend and the wife tags along because her husband is working late. Lo and behold, don’t you know, they happen to walk into the same restaurant  where her husband and his girlfriend are.

Now on some level, given that there are somewhere between twenty and thirty thousand restaurants in New York City, for the wife to walk in on the husband like that comes up to being almost-winning-the-lottery odds and therefore is pretty much unbelievable. Of course it could always be the truth and what really happened. But to a reader, the reader automatically thinks about the likelihood and says, “yeah, right.”

So we have a group of senators and congressmen who are telling us all this crap. The lefties attack the righties. The righties spend a lot of time defending themselves, which they should really stop doing, and then go on and accuse the lefties of playing the racist-sexist-all-the-other-ist cards, and on and on. At least a portion of senators and congressmen are guilty of all the same things they accuse others of. And as said up on top, we the taxpayers fund their slush fund.

No, you can’t really make this stuff up.

Into the mix come all the lefty bigwigs, Joe Biden, of course Hillary, and the great Pooh Bah Obama. Along with the biased media, they go on and make the most outrageous statements anyone could ever hear as if they are matters of fact. If this isn’t the pot calling the kettle black, I don’t know what is.

So there you have it. I’m not even going to talk about the Kavanaugh issue. What’s going on with Kavanaugh is simply a reflection of where our country is at. We can look at the whole of the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings as a metaphor for what’s going on in our society today.

I’m going to close with something that my father-in-law used to say:   Man is by nature selfish and greedy. 

What scares   me    most is that we’re beginning to see the true nature of what we are as a species. It ain’t pretty.

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media biasDoom and gloom!

For longer than two years now the only narrative we’ve heard in America is of the evil Trump presidency. More than 90% of all mainstream media articles about the President are negative. He is called  every    ist   in the book and then some. His family is demeaned. The first lady is denigrated. His children are the subjects of vile threats and horrific statements that would never be tolerated if aimed at any left-wing politician.

Contrast that to the Obamas. The Obamas have always been treated by the media with kid gloves, respect and decency. There have been moments, of course, but they are few and far between. Michelle is treated like a queen. Barack is treated like a deity. Michelle and Barack’s children are never in the  media and never were for as long as he was president and beyond. Their only media shoots were those their parents chose for them.

There’s something wrong with this picture!

What’s wrong with the picture is not about the Trumps or the Obamas. It is about the media. The media which was once a fair and honest media is no longer that. Because it is no longer that, because it is now a much-more-than-biased media, America is in peril.

Go to the land of dictators. Go to countries where there are   coup d’états. The first thing any dictator seeking to take power does is blackout the media. S/he keeps the media blacked out until s/he controls it, and once controlled it is only allowed to broadcast what the new leader wants broadcasted.

The reason for this is quite simple. The incoming dictator knows that controlling what the people see and hear will give him/her power. Control the media, control what the people think. Oh, you might not control what the people think. But you can certainly control the information they receive. When information is controlled and limited, a great number of the people will surely follow the narrative being given. Control what is said. Say it over and over and over again, loud enough, often enough. Make sure nothing else is heard. This is the way to control people, to make them believe what it is you want them to believe.

Only in America can the news media hide under the protections of the Constitution, claim themselves to be a free and honest press when clearly they are far from that. For much, much longer than Donald Trump, the media have been selling the American people a left-wing narrative that is clearly false and definitely misleading.

The case of Jim Acosta and CNN is a metaphor for the biased press claiming to be a free, fair press. All one has to do is look at it, see Acosta’s behavior and listen to his words. Then one would see he is far from being an honest journalist. He is an opinionated hack hiding under the First Amendment of the Constitution.

The fact of the matter is the Democrats through the biased mainstream media control the narratives the American people are being fed. This is dangerous, more so than any external enemies. Thus it is one of the greatest threats to America’s freedoms.

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originally written in 2013

quill-pen-300x300No one disputes that humankind has evolved or that the first premise of evolution is survival. Typically, we think of survival on an individual basis, but few people are wholly isolated or individually apart any longer. Instead, we live in vastly institutionalized societies. Barnard (1938) compared organizations to living, breathing organisms and he extended his analogy to view an organization’s attributes as human in nature. After all, since human organizations are made by humans, they are innately human.

Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and Social Service’s Welfare programs inclusive of Food Stamps, Aid to Domestic Children, Section Eight, and most others, were begun with the best of intentions:  an unequivocal desire to help the needy, the unfortunate and the unprotected in our society. But these intentions and desires have been usurped by survival. Staying alive, the simple rule of existence, has trumped and replaced original human concern and altruism. Along the continuum, the prime directive of these institutions has become survival, pure and simple, and just as the original main objectives of these institutions have been altered, so have their directions and, most important, so have their current effects on the very people they were created to serve. By far, these programs are now harmful to their clientele and detrimental to our society and the taxpayers who ultimately fund them.

Child Protective Services (CPS), although it has many names nationwide, under the umbrella of Health and Human Services (HHS), demonstrates a similar evolution. Formally begun in the early 1900s with the purest intention of helping children in need, CPS is now a vast, fifty-state bureaucracy that has deleterious effects upon the children and families it is supposed to help. The National Coalition for Child Protection Reform (NCCPR) asserts that CPS has an 80% failure rate and that 75% of comparably maltreated children not removed from their homes fare better than those children placed in foster care. However, since a major part of Federal, State and local economies in the United States are financially dependent upon CPS subsistence, little is done to reorient it toward its original missives.

No matter what the acronym, CPS has a department or division in each of the fifty states. They all suckle on federal funding through HHS, Title IX and Social Security, and while this might not sound too bad at first, cost wise this is just the tip. Attached to this are all affiliate services, service organizations and all the connected State Agencies which are needed to enable CPS to operate.  Below is a bare-bones, simplified chart to offer an idea of how CPS sits atop a mega child-industry, the proverbial wolf in sheep’s clothing, supporting a wide-spread array of privately contracted agencies and other state agencies.


Prevent Child Abuse America ( estimated that direct expenditure on child abuse and neglect for 2012 would be approximately $33,333,619,510. Indirect expenditure, it estimated, would be $46,926,791,578. The total cost of child   maltreatment, according to Prevent Child Abuse America, was estimated at $80,260,411,087. (

In sum, the total cost of child maltreatment in America is slightly less than 25% of the total United States budget, and HHS and CPS as the distributors of this fortune in tax dollars fails 80% of the time.



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