kitchen-4“Drenovis is skuzzy,” said Victoria after lunch out in the hall. “I know you all don’t like him.”

“What’s to like? For him it’s all about power and getting sex. I never forced anyone to do anything or made sex a condition of employment,” said Bill. “I treat you all the same unless you screw me up purposefully. And I have met a couple of nasty waitresses who deserved what they got.” Bill was sitting on his milk case. Victoria was standing opposite him leaning against the wall.

“Let me guess. Marilyn, who was here when I started, and Jackie who was only here a week and a half.”

“Good call.”

“Marilyn told you to screw yourself only she used a more choice word. Then she was gone the next day.”

“I fired her personally.”

“Make you happy?”

“Not at all. But it was necessary. She didn’t just tell me that. She told me to stick a plate up my ass.”

“Really? Why?”

“She didn’t like the way the food looked when I told her to take the plate. So she said, ‘You’ll fix that plate or I’ll stick it up your ass.’ I told her take the plate or she’d wear it home.”

“So you fired her.”

“You bet.”

“And Jackie?”

“She couldn’t do the job and she was nasty on top of it. She screwed Drenovis then wanted steak every night. I wouldn’t give it to her. She complained to him. He gave me plenty of crap. Robert fixed that one.”

“I don’t know Robert.”

“He’s head honcho. He got me my job. Only he supersedes Drenovis.”


“Long, complicated story. For another time.”

“So who’s next?”

“For what?”

“On your hit list.”

“I don’t have a hit list.”

“On your other hit list.”

“Don’t have one of those either. What about you? Got a boyfriend?”


“Got a girlfriend?”


“Want to be able to eat steak?”

“Yeah, but not for that.”

“Good girl,” said Bill. “Next time you’re working dinner, you get a super or a Boston. Just can’t let anyone see you eating it.”

“What’s the catch?”

“No catch. I told you, I don’t run that way. I never came on to Norma or Evelyn or Lorraine. They came on to me. I been kind of working on Lexi, but she started too. You keep putting that candy in front of anyone and sooner or later they take it. I took it.”

“I got some good candy too,” said Victoria.

“You coming on to me?”

“You want me to?”

“Nope. And that’s what I told Lorraine.”

“Why not?”

“That’s what she asked.”

“How’d you answer?”

“I told her it wouldn’t mean anything and couldn’t go anywhere, that she should be looking for more.”

“Who are you to be making that decision for her? Maybe she should be telling you not be fooling around. You got a fiancé.”

“She told me. And I’m just a nobody.”

Knowing Bill was looking right at her Victoria, spread her legs, lifted her skirt and scratched high up on her thigh. She kept her eyes on Bill the whole time.

“You gonna start teasing me now?”

“I don’t know what you mean.”

“Okay,” Bill said.

“Okay,” Victoria said.



“And I got work to do.” Bill stood up.

Victoria stood up too. “Me too,” she said. “I’m working tonight so I’ll see you later.”

“How you like your steak?”


“Good choice. Me too.”

“Which one’s a better steak?”

“If it was me, I’d eat the super. It’s the same meat from the same top butt, just cut differently. The super is thicker.”

“I’ll save my appetite.”

“That all you got an appetite for?”

“You coming on to me now?”

“Nope,” said Bill. “Not at all.”

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